We will take care of your Mini Cooper in Cupertino CA

We offer the most comprehensive Mini Cooper repair service in Cupertino CA. If you want to maintain your Mini Cooper in tip-top shape, choose no other than European Auto Performance Inc for your car’s regular maintenance and repair services. Also bear in mind that regular maintenance is not only necessary for your automobile, but also plays a significant role in raising the resale value of your car.

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A highly professional Mini serviceWhen should you pay us a visit
The best part about Mini Coopers is that all information about the car’s mileage, sensors, oil, fuel consumption, engine parameters and more, are available right under the drivers eyes, in the display next to the rev counter, at a simple touch of a button. This is one of the best features provided by Mini cars as it shows everything you need to know about your vehicle’s condition. Mini Cooper repair service is such a pleasant job and this is one of the reasons why we, the team from  European Auto Performance Inc, love working on Mini Coopers.

Brake indicator is ON.
When the brake indicator light comes on, it means you have to replace the brake pads on your Mini. Our mechanics can do the job quickly and reliably. We have all the necessary tools and equipment in order to provide a safe and trusty job. In addition, we can check the brake fluid level and inspect the brake pump.

Engine oil change indicator is ON.
Considering you are using your vehicle on a normal basis, the engine oil doesn’t have to be replaced until you reach 12,000 miles. You can always see how many miles you have left until you need a Mini Cooper repair service, on your display next to the rev counter. It is recommended to call us ahead and book an appointment before those 12,000 miles expire.

Service intervals
Mini Cooper cars have a specially developed system that virtually inspects your car’s condition every 30 miles. Depending on the driving style and the frequency your car is used, this system adjusts the Mini service intervals. You will know that you have to schedule an inspection for your Mini once the mileage display is flashing.

We also offer:

  • condition based service;
  • air conditioning repair;
  • engine repair;
  • computerized diagnostics;
  • electrical repair;
  • suspension replacement;
  • … and many other Mini cooper repairs.

As a reputable auto repair shop in Cupertino CA, our company also offers BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volvo repair services. Call (408) 973-9606 and find out more about our rates and specials. We assure you our prices are highly competitive.