We provide Volvo repair in Cupertino CA

European Auto Performance Inc offers a genuine Volvo repair service in Cupertino CA. In order to ensure your Volvo is properly serviced, use only our high-quality parts and extensively trained mechanics. We are an auto repair shop that understands the true feeling of confidence a Volvo car offers and we promise to preserve and guarantee that feeling with every repair project we deliver.

Do not hesitate to call our professionals onĀ (408) 973-9606!

Great Volvo expertsWhat can our mechanics do for your Volvo?
Besides the usual maintenance services, our technicians can also perform troubleshooting and repair services. No one understands how to maintain and repair your Volvo like our mechanics. They have completed a wide range of training programs and courses that have been specifically developed by Volvo. In addition, all our mechanics are taught by Volvo representatives about the newest developments in the auto industry and about the proper methods and techniques in order to offer a reliable Volvo repair.

We only use original parts and equipment.
Our company uses some of the latest and most up to date diagnostic scan tools, equipment and software when given the opportunity to repair and service your Volvo. When it comes to repairs, we only use high quality parts that come with warranties, which gives you and us peace of mind that the parts we are replacing are as good or even better than the originals.

Our mechanics can work on both vintage and the most modern Volvo on the road.
Our customers trust us and keep coming back every time they need a Volvo repair, and all for good reasons. Our auto repair shop is an expert in Volvo electronic systems and internal engine repairs. We also have specialists that know everything there is to know about Volvo transmissions and suspensions. Basically, there is no part of your car that we don’t have a specialist for.
European Auto Performance Inc also provides an outstanding Mini service. If you want to find out more about our offers, call (408) 973-9606 or visit our service page.

Our mission is for each client to maximize their Volvo’s potential.
European Auto Performance Inc is always just a phone call away for any current customer or potential Volvo enthusiast. We do our best to make clients understand the technology and engineering of their cars, in order for them to be able to use their Volvo to its full potential. Each and every mechanic from our team is friendly and continuously trying to enhance our customer’s experience.

If you need a Volvo repair, contact us at (408) 973-9606!